Welcome! The premise of this newsletter is, quite simply, to share great things.

The Internet is a busy, busy place, full of distractions vying for our attention and people trying to sell us something (real talk.) It can all be a bit, well, draining. What would it look like to slow down and step away from some of that?

I started to ask myself where I find the most energy and peace while online. An unexpected source of digital joy over the past few years has been reading trusted recommendations. My favorite format for them? A newsletter, of course.

I’ve been writing online professionally for over a decade, and this newsletter is born out of a desire, a need, to return to pre-algorithm times. I want to write to you genuinely, without optimizing for hashtags, trends, or a search engine. And I want you, dear reader, to be able to choose to read my words and have full control over whether or not you see them each week.

So, what can you expect to see here?

Five or more favorite things, delivered weekly.

You’ll find a mix of the following in each issue:

  • words worth reading

  • a place worth daydreaming about

  • a recipe worth making

  • an idea worth sharing

  • a link worth your time

  • a place worth eating

  • a small indulgence

plus, the occasional themed five favorites (i.e. favorite foreign television shows, favorite beach towns, or favorite dishes to eat in SF).

If you like to travel but you also like to stay home, this is for you.

All of this is through the lens of someone who loves to be at home and also loves to travel.

and, for paid subscribers,

  • travel guide-esque five favorites in *insert amazing city or country here*

  • community-based recommendations and discussion

  • the ability to request recommendations

  • personal updates and musings shared nowhere else on the Internet

  • the occasional un-favorite: aka “the dark side” — something I can no longer recommend or have personally had trouble with lately.

So, why would you want recommendations from moi?

I’m a writer and a traveler who has been publishing online for years and loves connecting with others. I love adventure, and food (always food.) I’m also a homebody, a new mother, and a person still figuring out how to balance all the things in life.

I’m often tired and lately, overwhelmed by the state of the world. One thing that helps is looking for, delighting in, and sharing your favorite things. That is what I promise to do here.

You may be here because you know my blog, which I started over a decade ago (!) I created Part-Time Traveler because I couldn’t find a travel blog for people who love traveling frequently while also keeping a home base.

Since then I’ve traveled to more than 50 countries and made my home in San Francisco. I’ve worked as a travel writer, cookbook editor, and content designer —everywhere from a small business of one to the largest social media company in the world.

Lately, I’m home a lot more than I’m on the road (c’est la vie) — but I save the best things I read, see, hear, and use, with that same traveler's perspective. I can’t wait to share them with you here.

Note that travel issues are free of any affiliate links or sponsored content — so you’ll only ever see my genuine, vetted recommendations, thanks to the support of paid subscribers.

Whether you open it in tabs to read when you have a free moment, or sit down with a cup of tea and read it at the same time every week — I don’t expect that all of my favorite things will also be your favorite things.

My intent is to provide little online pockets of calm and discovery. The aim is to make this something you want in your inbox every week and look forward to reading.

Just as we often experience “big” moments with travel, together we’ll seek out and savor small moments at home here.

When you subscribe, every new issue goes directly to your inbox. You can also read it on the website, or in the Substack app.

I’m certain that the readers of Five Favorites will soon be one of my favorite things. Thank you for being here! xx

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SF-based writer and editor. part-time traveler. new mama. i write about the balance of living well at home and seeing the world. weekly, i publish here about five things i’m loving. monthly, you’ll get a travel edition in your inbox 🤍